Our Mission

HomeschoolHQ aims to bring communities together by connecting homeschoolers to enriching resources and opportunities.

We Are LIVE!!!

The Homeschool HQ app is now live on both IOS and Android!  

We are so excited to provide you with activities and information to make your homeschooling experience a successful and rewarding one.

Contact us at info@homeschoolhq.com with any questions you may have.

Easy search functionality based on your needs
Activities, Co-Ops, Conventions, Discounts, and more!
safe and secure use with no fear of your information being sold

The Resources You Need
At Your Fingertips
Easy to read details and the ability to save favorite activities, co-ops and coming conventions.

Secure Sign On

It is our pledge to you, we will never sell
your information to a third party.

Easy to Navigate

Search for the resource you need when you need it, no matter where you are.

All the Details You Need

Find details, save your favorites, and create your own events!

Future Developments...

We will continuously improve our app to give you the best resources. We intend to add the ability to connect with other homeschool families and share opportunities. We plan to introduce additional features in future updates such as curricula, supplemental education resources and a direct messaging system.

About Us

We are a homeschooling family with 3 children aged 7 and under. In the beginning of our homeschool journey we found it difficult to find resources. We spent far too much time searching for events, classes and co-ops. The process simply wasn’t simple. So we set out to fix the problem.

The HomeschoolHQ app is currently under development. We are working hard to create a well-designed and elegant platform to help you find the homeschool resources you need.

Thank you for supporting our family endeavor!

         - The Bordeaux Family and the HomeschoolHQ Team